KOKO - Supermilk Coconut 1L

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Koko Dairy Free Super Milk was created in consultation with dietitians to offer specially-boosted daily nutrition for all ages from 'toddlers' to 'seniors'. Enriched with 14 key vitamins and minerals plus folic acid, plant protein and plant fats, Koko Dairy Free Super Milk is the most nutritionally complete and balanced milk on the market, including dairy.


Filter water, Coconut milk (8%), Grape juice concentrate, Rapeseed oil, Faba bean protein, Natural flavouring, Tri-Calcium phosphate, Calcium carbonate, Emulsifier (sunflower/rapeseed lecithin), Di-potassium phosphate, Salt, Stabiliser (gellan gum), Acidity Regulator (Di0sodium phosphate), Vitamin C,Magnesium oxide, Vitamin E, Folic acid, Zinc sulpate, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin D2, Iron pyrophosphate, Potassium iodine

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