MUSO Rice Malt Syrup, 600g

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Used in Japanese cooking for centuries, this traditional Japanese seasoning is made from Rice Koji, and mild distilled spirits. Today mirin is not only used in Japan, but is known throughout the world for its subtle qualities of flavor. Its delicate alcohol content tenderizes fish and meat, while imparting body and a rich sweetness unavailable from sugar. You will find that mirin adds shining luster to food, often being used in such popular dishes as steamed fish, noodle soups, steamed vegetables, meat, and teriyaki chicken.

Rice syrup is natural grain sweetener traditionally used by the Japanese cooking. Rice is rich in sugar content. Enzyme helps rice to liquefy to make starch, then to saccharify to simpler configuration of sugar such as glucose and maltose. Rice syrup brings natural sweetness to all kinds of foods.

  • Vegan
  • Organic




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