BENOIT Dark Chocolate Nuggets 70%, 400g

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Benoit Dark Chocolate Nuggets 70% Couverture dark chocolate nuggets are superior quality chocolates that are preferred by top chocolate connoisseurs to create some extremely delectable and magical chocolate desserts. Our couverture dark chocolate nuggets contain high measures of cocoa butter, which makes it staggeringly liquidly and simple to work with. This additional cocoa butter also gives the chocolate a great sheen and firmer snap when broken. Couverture is an exceptional quality of chocolate that contains a higher ratio of cocoa solids and cocoa butter. The additional cocoa butter content, when regulated under proper temperature control, gives the chocolate a creamy, mellow flavor and a beautiful sheen.

You can eat these bite-sized nuggets directly from the jar. Combine these with a blend of nuts and seeds and make a healthy granola bar for a quick fix. Incorporate these luscious vegan, gluten-free 70% dark chocolate nuggets in your ganache and sauce, or mix these with frosting. You can dip organic fruits like strawberries and kiwis or even bananas for a delectable homemade and healthy treat. Our dark chocolate nuggets contain 70% cocoa solids; as proven by numerous researches, consuming dark chocolate that has over 50% cocoa content has many health benefits.

Not only do these couverture dark chocolate nuggets are of impeccable quality, but these are also high on the nutritional front. Benoit boasts an exclusive line of raw materials used by the baking and dessert industry to create delightful desserts. Our range of couverture chocolate is preferred by chocolatiers in the preparation of mouth-watering chocolate dishes, and candies. You can also keep these multi-purpose nuggets stored in your pantry for whipping up new desserts to impress your guests. These nuggets come in an airtight jar, which makes the storage very convenient.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free



Sugar, Cocoa mass, emulsifier, soy lecithin (E-322), Natural Flavour Vanilla

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