BENOIT Milk Chocolate Nuggets - Sugar Free 34%, 400g

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Our sugar-free nuggets are not only ideal for baking but also perfect for melting. These nuggets are ideal to be used in semi-sweetened desserts like muffins, cookies, or the good old brownies that the entire world adores. A lot of people do not prefer milk chocolate because it has added sugar in it. Your hunt for no-sugar chocolate that does not taste bitter and offers a creamy mouth-feel ends right here! It is just the perfect blend of creaminess and the right amount of chocolate.

Milk chocolate, on the other hand, has a lower cocoa content but scores higher on the cocoa butter content. This natural fat of chocolate provides the much needed fat content required by our body. Milk chocolate essentially has the same ingredients as that of dark chocolate, with the addition of milk compounds.

Our baking chips, conferring to the ingredients list, do not have sugar content. Instead, it contains a sweetener known as “maltitol.” It is a sugar alcohol and is calorie-free, hence a perfect sugar substitute. Maltitol offers up to 90% sweetness as table sugar, and one of the best characteristics is that it does not provide an offensive after-taste, which is generally the case with many sugar alcohol. Benoit’s sugar-free nuggets contain a negligible portion of maltitol per serving, hence, it is very safe to use and does not pose any health concern. Our nuggets contain 34% cocoa and are sweetened with maltitol. It hardly comprises any calories and does not intrude with the blood sugar levels.

Our chocolate melts are perfect for those who do not prefer the underlying bitterness of dark chocolate. Chocolates that have a higher cocoa content are said to have many health benefits as well. You will hardly find people who have an aversion to chocolate, and the good news is that chocolate comes with many health benefits.

With Benoit’s line of incredible products, you can now bake even sugar-free goodies for those who love sweet treats but cannot consume it due to diet restrictions or health concerns. You need not feel awkward for not being able to offer desserts to your guests who are diabetic, because you can make them super happy by baking a sugar-free brownie, cookie, or even creamy chocolate mousse.

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free



Cocoa Butter , sugar,cocoa mass, cocoa powder,emulsifier:soy lecithin(E322)

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