BLUE TRIBE Plant-Based Chicken Sausages , 250g

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Juicy, tender, flavourful, our sausages are a hit with home-chefs and restaurants alike. Fry ‘em, grill ‘em, serve ‘em in a bun. Take more, take more, who are we to judge?

INGREDIENTS – Water, Structured Vegetable Protein {Pea Protein, Starch, Spices and Condiments (Chilli, Cumin, Rosemary), Iodized Salt, Vegetable Fibre (Oats), Stabilizers, (INS461), Thickeners (INS415, INS425, INS407a)}, Peas Granules, Vegetable fat, Seasoning {Mushroom Powder, Edible Vegetable oil (Sunflower), Spice extract, (Garlic, Chilli, Black Pepper, Nutmeg)}, Natural and Identical flavourings
100% Vegan does not contain any Meat.

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