CHILLY DATE Sunflower Seeds & Dill Crackers, 50g

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These crackers are designed to be a good source of natural Calcium. Both Dill and Sunflower seeds are known to have high calcium content. Combined with fresh onion, garlic and green chillies; these yummy crackers are irresistible! Our best sellers - Seeds and Spinach crackers are a healthy, mouthwatering blend of fresh Spinach - sourced straight from Al Ain farms, Sesame seeds and Sunflower Seeds with a subtle kick of wasabi. A must-try for all age groups!

  • Vegan
  • Organic



Fresh - Dill (18%), Onion (9%), Garlic (0.7%), Green Chillies (0.3%), Sunflower seeds (17%), Black Pepper (0.2%), Psyllium Husk (3.4%), Himalayan Salt (0.6%) and Bottled Water 

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