CHOCOPAZ Organic Vegan Chocolate with Cherry and Pumpkin Seed 80%, 47gm

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NO dairy / soy/ refined sugar/ gluten / preservatives

Chocopaz is a brand new refined artisan chocolates created by original recipes of the best Belgian chocolatiers using selected cocoa beans harvested on greatest plantations of Côte d’Ivoire. Creating Chocopaz we aspired to create a unique jewellery masterpiece in chocolate art.

Two main factors are the most important to create a perfect couverture chocolate taste: the highest quality of cocoa beans and mastery of chocolatier, his fantasy, talent, passion and devotion to his job. Therefore firstly we take care of Nature and have established complete control over growing, harvesting and selection of the best cocoa beans on our plantations. Secondly we’ve invited top Belgian chocolatiers recognized as the world’s best artists and masters of their craft.


80% organic cocoa beans, cocoa butter, evaporated coconut nectar, cherry, pumkin seeds