DHATU Organic Germinated Brown Rice, 500g

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 What is GBR ?  It is simply brown rice sprouted (or germinated). Many don’t know that brown rice can be sprouted.  We all know that whole grains/pulses (unpolished or unprocessed) are beneficial for our health due to the higher nutritional value when compared with processed or polished grains. Whole grains and pulses when sprouted have additional health benefits. Proper preparation of whole grains prior to cooking is an important process to get the maximum health benefit out of them.

GBR is evaluated as a functional food because it is good for digestion and absorption. Dried GBR offers an excellent appearance, improved shelf life, and handling ease. Unlike white rice, GBR provides more sweetness, excellent taste, has better texture, and is easier to cook.  The process of germination enhances the bio-availability of nutrients by neutralizing phytic acid. Consumption of unsprouted grains can lead to poor absorption of nutrients in the grain. The incompletely digested proteins can irritate the intestines, leading to inflammation and allergic reactions. Neutralizing the phytic acid, releasing the proteins, vitamins, and enzymes allow these important nutrients to be absorbed during digestion.

  • Vegan
  • Non GMO
  • Organic



Organic Germinated Brown Rice

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