EATIQ ORGANIC FOODS Organic Coconut Milk 6% Fat, 400ml

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EatiQ Organic Coconut Milk is an excellent alternative for those opting for the vegan lifestyle and those with lactose intolerance. But, that’s not all! It is a popular ingredient for Southeast Asian delicacies that hail from Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. Rich in flavour, it offers the best of both taste and health. Given the organic nature, the EatiQ Coconut Milk is free from gluten, allergens, cholesterol, sodium, allergens and hydrogenated fats. Plus, it does not contain any additives. A healthy cereal with which you can now welcome a healthier lifestyle. Choose it, and you may just unlock your way towards better weight management and a stronger digestive system.

Potential Benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties
  • Damaged-protected cells
  • Enhanced cognitive function
Ingredients: Coconut Milk

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