EATOPIA EATOPIA Superfood Oat Bites BBQ, 50g

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"BBQ- A super savoury snack packed with the robust flavours of something smoky and something sweet and a dash of garlic/chilli for that perfect balance.

80% Oats- The only snack to fuel your health with 80% oats. Every crunchy bite of EATOPIA Superfood oat puffs has 80% oats to give you a generous dose of soluble fibre and essential nutrients. There are no hidden disclaimers. Our label is as clean as our product. EATOPIA Superfood Oat Puffs are made of natural and wholesome ingredients: no preservatives, no additives, no colours, and no flavours.

100% Slow Roasted. 0% Fried- Snacks shouldn’t get you stressed about your weight or health goals. That’s why EATOPIA Superfood Oat Puffs are only slow-roasted and never, ever fried and have 70% less fat than other fried snacks. These heart-shaped puffs have the perfect crunch and taste and come in flavours like Cheese Tomato, Masala Crunch, and BBQ. Eat one or eat all- you will never have to stress about eating unhealthy again.

Source of Fibre & Protein- Tasty & Healthy can co-exist! Every serving of EATOPIA Superfood Oat Puffs gives you _ of fibre and _ of protein. You are snacking on dense, wholesome nutrition and not unhealthy calories like other fried snacks. EATOPIA Oat Puffs is all about 0% evil and 100% health.

No Evil Ingredients: We know the truth about snacks. They are fried and have high amounts of fat. They also are made from refined flours like corn, rice and maida. EATOPIA Superfood Oat Puffs are made from oat flour and slow-roasted to eliminate the unhealthy fats from your diet.

Round-the-clock Snack- From am to pm, this energy snack keeps you feeling full with wholesome nutrition. Eat them pre or post-workout, between meals or office breaks, as an evening snack, as a travel snack, or while binge-watching. There is no wrong way to eat oat puffs!"

Ingredients: Oats 80%, Edible Vegetable Oil (Rice Bran) 10%, Mixed Spices (Onion, Garlic, Pepper), Yeast extract, Iodized Salt.

Nutritional Information:
Energy 435 Kcal,protein 7.8g,total carbohydrates 73g.1g,total sugar 4.8g,added sugar0.0g,fibre 9.7g,total fat 12.4g,saturated fat 4.6g,trans fat 0.0g,cholesterol 0.0 mg,sodium 790.9mg

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