EATOPIA Fruit Minis Mango Chia, 100g

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 I don’t love mango, said nobody ever. Relish the decadent taste of mango and the nutritional richness of chis seeds in these bite-sized mango fruit bars. The perfect medley of nuts and seeds with the sweetness of mango makes it an irresistible and very healthy snack.

0% Junk 100% Healthy Snack - Tired of finding an everyday healthy snack? Don’t know which product to trust? EATOPIA Fruit Minis are the answer to all your healthy eating habits. Every bite offers the nutrition that your body deserves. Made with wholesome superfood ingredients, Fruit Minis contains 62% delicious mango and 38% medley of almonds, cashew nuts, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, rolled oats and honey.

No Evil At All - There are no hidden disclaimers. Our label is as clean as our product. EATOPIA Fruit Minis are made of 8 natural ingredients. No preservatives, No additives, No colours, No flavours, No emulsifiers, No anti-caking agents, and glycerine. Just wholesome ingredients and pure wildflower honey. Refined sugar is a known evil for gaining weight, bad oral health, and other health factors. Hence, we have 0% of the evil ingredient (sugar) in EATOPIA Fruit Minis. Nothing else!

Energy snack - Struggle to finish a whole energy bar by yourself? Or sometimes, you just want to eat something small because you’re just a little hungry? EATOPIA Fruit Minis solve that problem as they are bite-sized and gives you energy to satiate your hunger pangs. They also make for a delicious dessert when sweet cravings call so you no longer have to feel guilty

Round-the-clock Snack- From am to pm, this energy bite keeps you feeling full with wholesome nutrition. Eat them pre-workout, for breakfast, between meals, as an evening snack, or as a quick travel snack, There is no wrong way to eat fruit minis!

Ingredients: Mango (62%), Nuts & Seeds (20%)(Almonds, Cashew nuts, Watermelon seeds, Sunflower seeds and Chia seeds), Oats and Honey

Nutritional Information:
Energy 356Kcal, Protein 16.0g, Total carbohydrates 55.0g, Total sugar 35.0g, Added sugar 5.0g, Fibre 9.5g, Total fat 8.0g, Saturated fat 3.0g, Trans fat 0.0g, Cholesterol 0.0 mg, Sodium 90.0mg

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