EATOPIA Super food Jowar puffs Cream n Onion, 20g

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With an added boost of yummy cream and onion, this tiny puff packs a punch high in fibre, with 70% less fat than other fried snacks and NO artificial flavours. These power-puffs are righteously delicious, gluten-free, healthy & vegan. Packed with goodness for the mind, body and soul – containing 2.4g of protein and 3g of fibre per serving, this light and crispy guilt-free snack melts in your mouth. The only healthy snack with 80% Jowar Millet! EATOPIA’s Superfood Jowar puffs are made from the humble but mighty ingredients into a light and crunchy puff.

Ingredients: Jowar 80%, Editable vegetable oil (Rice Bran), Milk solids, cheese powder, mixed spices 5%, (onion powder,parsley powder,pepper powder), iodized salt

Nutritional Information
Energy428Kcal,protein 8.5g,total carbohydrates 75.0g,total sugar 7.8g,added sugar0g.fibre 8.5g,total fat 10.5g,saturated fat 6.5g,trans fat 0.0g,cholesterol 0.0 mg,sodium 300mg

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