FREAKIN' HEALTHY Pack of 10 pcs Raw Chocolate with Goji Berries 40g disepnser, 400gm

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Delicious Raw Chocolate Bars, All natural premium ingredients, Raw chocolate in its natural state with all its benefits, Perfect for sharing, Perfect for sharing, Perfect as a mid-day snack, dessert, or with your coffee and tea, A box of 10 raw vegan chocolate bars made from 70% cacao and packed with delicious toased coconut. The cacao bean is chocolate in its natural state; pure, raw and unprocessed. it is a powerful superfood that powers up your brain, slows down aging, improves muscle function and blood flow, and gives you energy. These Vegan and Paleo chocolate bars are made from 100% natural ingredients, with no added sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no eggs and no gluten. They are non GMO with no preservatives, artificial colours or flavors

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vegan, no_added_sugar, Allergens: Contains Nuts, Benefits: Gluten Free, Vegan, No Added Refined Sugar, No Artificial Colors and Flavours, No Preservatives and Non-GMO