GLOW Vegan Lotus Biscuit Ice Cream, 500ml


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GLOW Vegan Dairy-free Ice Cream(LOTUS BISCUIT)

Welcome to the magical world of vegan ice creams! This will seriously soothen your taste and mind with the delicious and amazing flavors!! Enter to the new generation era of ICE CREAMS.


"vegan cream (( Edible vegetable fat, Sugar, Sodium Caseinate, Humectant (E420), Stabilizers:(Methyl Cellulose (E464) " Hydroxypropyl Cellulose (E463), Xanthan Gum (E415), Guar Gum (E412), Locust Bean Gum (E410)), Sodium stearoyl lactylate (E481), Soya lecithin(E322), Polysorbate-60(E435), Acidity Regulators:( (E339), (E331)), Salt, rice milk, sugar, dextrose, Pectacon (emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (E471)), stabilizer (locust bean gum (E410), guar gum (E412)), gelling agent (sodium alginate (E401), carrageenan (E407)), water, lotus biscuits (wheat flour, vegetable oil , raising agent ( sodium hydrogen carbonate ), soya flour, salt, cinnamon) STORAGE

Store at - 18 c°

Nutrition Information(Per 100 gram)

Per 100g
% DV
Energy 265.50 kcal 13%
Protein 1.04 g
Carbohydrates 31.57 g 11%
of which Sugar
25.65 g
Added Sugar 0.00 g
Fat 15.41 g 24%
of which Saturates
1.12 g 6%
0.10 g 0%
Sodium 59.82 mg 2%
Cholesterol 0.00 mg 0%
Trans Fatty Acid 0.00 g
Percent Daily Value is based on 2000 calorie diet.

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