HONEY TWIGS Himalayan Honey, 240g - Pack of 30 Sachets

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Himalayan Honey is a blend of nectars from a range of hand-picked flowers, exuding the goodness and purity of the Himalayas.  Start your day with warm water, a dash of lemon, and our Himalayan Honey; Tea and honey are a match made in heaven, have it in your green or black tea, the choice is yours; A drizzle/ dollop on your breakfast cereal, toast or your pancake; Top your bowl of fruits, smoothie or use it to indulge any other sweet craving. Say #HiHoneyByeSugar

 Pure Honey (Multiflora)

Storage Info:  Store in a cool & dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not Microwave. Do not Refrigerate.

Nutritional Info (approx value) Per 100g Per 8g (Serving)
Energy 316 Kcal 25.28 Kcal
Protein 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 79.09g 6.33g
Fat 0g 0g


We, at Honey Twigs, love challenges and so we’ve come up with unique ways on how to serve this golden liquid. We are proud to say we are revolutionizing this ancient superfood that is still used every day. What we serve is not just pure, unadulterated & certified best-in-class honey but honey as a trendy, on-the-go superfood. Available in easy use & carrying 8g sachet, Honey Twigs is your ideal health companion. Taste honey as never before, each pack is a teaspoon of goodness in an innovative, mess-free packaging that you can use anytime, anywhere. Along with caring for your health, we also care for our environment. We take our responsibility very seriously and are proudly certified as a plastic-neutral company. Let's ditch sugar and start the healthy routine today saying #HiHoneyByeSugar


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