KINOKO Baby King Oyster (Mini Eryngii), 300g

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Baby king oyster mushrooms (mini king oysters) are one of the tastiest mushroom species. They are often used as a meat substitute and resemble the taste of a scallop when cooked with butter and wine, thus they are amongst the favorite vegan choices. They pair well with teriyaki sauce and are deliciously fried, grilled, and baked. Their stems are tasty and delicate, so you can use the full mushroom for cooking. They are perfect for grill, stir-fry, tempura, BBQ, and sauces

  • Vegan
  • Fresh mushrooms

Botanical name:
Pleurotus eryngii

Common name: Baby eryngii, mini eryngii, baby king oyster mushrooms, baby king trumpet mushrooms, baby royal trumpet mushrooms, mini royal horn mushrooms, mini candoncello

Taste: boasting an umami taste with a meat-like and resilient texture

Nutritional value: mini eryngii contain riboflavin, vitamins B6, C, and D, niacin, potassium, fiber, and folate. They also are rich of an antioxidant called ergothioneine that is being stored in the liver and kidneys and helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Ideal for: kebab-grill, stir-fry, tempura, BBQ and sauces

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