LAKANTO Monkfruit Sweetener with Erythritol, Classic, 100g - Pack of 40 Sticks

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LAKANTO Monkfruit Sweetener with Erythritol, Classic, 100g - Pack of 40 Sticks.

The monks discovered a rare superfood prized for its sweetness and its ability to raise chi, or life energy. This sacred fruit was named monk fruit and was used for centuries to increase chi and well-being, earning it the nickname "The Immortals' Fruit."

We still harvest monk fruit for Lakanto in the same pristine area according to traditional and environmental methods.

  • Keto Friendly
  • Zero Calorie
  • Zero Glycemic
  • Non GMO Project Verified
  • White Sugar Replacement
  • Zero Net Carbs*
  • Zero Glycemic
  • 2x Sweeter Than Sugar
  • Great for Cooking and Baking: Raw cane sugar substitute that's perfect for cookies, coffee, desserts, and other sweet, sugar-free treats. Tastes, bakes, and cooks like sugar. Great sugar alternative. Made with only monk fruit sweetener and erythritol.
  • Matches the Sweetness of Sugar: A healthy cup-for-cup alternative to ordinary raw cane sugar. Monk fruit contains zero calories and is about 250 times sweeter than sugar.
  • Lifestyle Friendly: Works with ketogenic, diabetic, candida, paleo, vegan, low-sugar, non-GMO, and all-natural diets. Monk fruit sweetener may help with weight loss. Monkfruit contains natural sugars, mainly fructose and glucose. Add this perfect sweetness to help enhance your overall health and fitness. Modern-day superfood.
  • Sweet with No Guilt, Zero Glycemic Response: Contains zero net carbs, zero calories, and is zero-glycemic. Monk fruit sweetener is safe for most people and can help manage blood sugar levels. Great for everyone of all ages.
  • Lakanto's Mission Statement: At Lakanto, our mission is to Bring Chi to Life by inspiring people to reach their highest potential in health and wellness by creating products that are innovative, delicious, natural, and nutritious. Try some of our tasty products today!


Erythritol, Monk Fruit Extract.

Erythritol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol found in some fruits and vegetables.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 packet (3 g)

Serving Per Container: 30


Amount Per Serving

%Daily Value*




Total Fat

0 g



0 mg


Total Carbohydrate

3 g


Sugar Alcohol

3 g



0 g


Not a significant source of saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, sugars, vitamin D, calcium, iron, potassium.

*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

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