MUNCH BOX Keto White Chocolate Hazelnut Crisp - Low Carb Indulgence 90g, Pack of 12

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Hazelnuts have an affinity for chocolate. Adding a deliciously contrasting crunch to our creamy melt-in-your-mouth sugar free white chocolate, this is the most delicious your sweet tooth will love. they have no added sugar and they are the perfect low carb indulgence you could think of. why sacrifice on your sweet cravings when you can have these chocolates without any guilt. Store in a cool and dry place, 18°C - 23°C.

*Contains naturally occurring sugars*

Allergen Warnings: This product contains Dairy Hazelnut & Soy. May contain traces of almonds, cashew nuts, sesame and wheat.

Quantity: 12 packs of 90g each

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