NATURAL TATTAVA Himalayan Pink Salt Fine, 500g


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Natural Tattva Himalayan Pink Salt is also good for seasoning meat as it clings to the surface well and spreads evenly. You can also blend the sweet and savoury and use a pinch in desserts. You can use is for regular cooking or as a finishing salt. Buy Natural Tattva Himalayan Pink Salt online now!
  • Makes everyday cooking easy
  • Packed with utmost care
  • Easy to sprinkle on food

Nutrition Information (Per 100g):

Calories: 0kCal

Protein(g): 0

Fat(g): 0

Trans Fat(g): 0

of which Saturates(g): 0

Carbohydrates(g): 1

of which Sugars(g): 0

Salt(g): 324 


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