NOUQ Camel Milk Ice Cream - Mango

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NOUQ Camel Milk Ice Cream containing the rich and sweet flavour from the Alphonso mango purée.

The NOUQ Camel Milk Ice Cream is made of whole pasteurized milk and contains rich, refreshing and sinful flavour of the Real Alphonso mango purée. This exotic ice cream is preferred among the 5-star hotel chefs across Dubai. Inspired from an Italian recipe, the pasteurization process guarantees an optimal, standard taste and a rich creamy consistency that is irresistible. The king of mangoes, Alphonso is known for its richness and sweet taste which makes the ice cream an ideal dessert to have after a wholesome dinner.


Fresh full-fat camel milk, sugar, sunflower oil, soy milk, dextrose, glucose syrup, frozen mango. Stabilizers: agar, guar gum. Emulsifiers: locust bean gum, plant-based mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids. Acidifier: malic acid, citric acid. Food colors: Curcuma, caramel color, carotene