ORGANIC LARDER Fresh Full Fat Milk, 1Ltr

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The Cows That Produce Our 100% Pure Organic Milk Are Free Range, Which Means They Have Acres Of Lush Green Fields To Call Home. They Relish Their Organic Grass And Clover, And Enjoy Daily Quality Me-Time For Rest And Pampering. Our Milk Complies Fully With Controlled Organic Standards And Our System Of Farming Encourages Wildlife By Avoiding Use Of Any Manufactured Chemical Sprays.

  • Natural
  • Organic


fresh cow milk, minimum fat 3%, minimum non-fat solids 8.5%, pasteurized
Nutrition Facts:
Value per 100ml
Energy 60kcal/251kj
water 88g
fat 3.25g
protein 3.22g
lactose 4.5g
minerals 0.69g
sodium 40mg
cholesterol 10g
fatty acid saturated 1.800g

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