ORGANIC LARDER Fresh Full Fat Milk, 1l'

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The Cows That Produce Our 100% Pure Organic Milk Are Free Range, Which Means They Have Acres Of Lush Green Fields To Call Home. They Relish Their Organic Grass And Clover, And Enjoy Daily Quality Me-Time For Rest And Pampering. Our Milk Complies Fully With Controlled Organic Standards And Our System Of Farming Encourages Wildlife By Avoiding Use Of Any Manufactured Chemical Sprays.


fresh cow milk, minimum fat 3%, minimum non-fat solids 8.5%, pasteurized

Nutrition Facts:
Value per 100ml
Energy 60kcal/251kj
water 88g
fat 3.25g
protein 3.22g
lactose 4.5g
minerals 0.69g
sodium 40mg
cholesterol 10g
fatty acid saturated 1.800g