ORGANIC LARDER Golden Sugar, 1kg - Organic, Natural

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Organic golden sugar is created in one simple process. Freshly cut sugarcane is milled, crushed, purified and crystallized with no artificial additives or preservatives. Perfect for baking your favorite cookies or to use while preparing your favorite meal. Use golden sugar as a one to one replacement for brown sugar in any recipe! Its unique molasses flavor is especially good in muffins and cookies.

  • Natural
  • Organic


100% Organic cane sugar

Nutritional Facts:

Value per 100g – energy – 398.28, protein – <0.1g, total fat – <0.1g, of which saturates – 0g, trans fat – 0g, total carb – 99.57g, of which sugars – 98.46g, dietary fiber – 0g, ash – <0.01g, moisture – 0.43g
based on a 2,000 calorie diet

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