ORGANIC LARDER Basmati White Rice, 4.5Kg

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Organically grown using traditional farming methods without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers - produced in the fertile land of central punjab. The natural gifted unique climate and water from mountains helps to grow our long grain aromatic basmati rice

  • Natural
  • Organic


organic white basmati rice


Nutritional Facts:

Serving per continer 1/4 cup (46g) – calories 170 cal, calories from fat – 4cal, total fat – 5g, saturated fat – 0g, trans fat – 0g, saturated fat – 0g, cholesterol – 0mg, sodium – 0mg, total carbohydrate – 35g, dietary fibre – 2g, sugars, protein – 3g, vitamin a – 0%, calcium – 0%, thaimine – 10%

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