ORGANIC LARDER Soy Bean Fettuccine, 200g

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HIGH IN PROTEIN: Made from real soybeans, our Organic Chickpea & Soybean Fettuccine is perfect for those with dietary concerns or those who are looking for a healthier meal option. Truly defeat wheat and rice with the almighty power of beans

  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Gluten-free



Organic Soybeans


Directions for use

Add pasta to the boiling water, stirring the pasta occasionally during cooking. cook for 2-5 minutes. Drain pasta and serve with your favourite sauce

Nutrition Facts
value per 100g
Total fat 7.23g
saturated fat 1.35g
trans fat 0.01g
polyunsaturated fat 4.74g
monounsaturated fat 1.12g
sodium 1.8mg
total carbohydrate 18.8g
dietary fiber 21g
total sugars 6.81g
includs og added sugars
protein 41.6g
Calories 349

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