ORGANIC LARDER Tomato Sauce With Olive & Capers, 300g - Organic, Vegan, Natural

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Tomato Sauce With Olive & Capers 300G

Organic larder tomato sauce with olive and capers. Good for use as pasta sauce and pizzas.

  • Natural
  • Organic

Nutritional values:

Nutritional Information Per 100g Per 118g (serving): Energy (KJ) 286kj 337kj Protein (g) 1.6g 1.9g Carbohydrate (g) 3.7g 4.4g of which total of sugar (g) 3.7g 4.4g Total Fat (g) 4.9g 5.8g of which saturated fat 1g 1.2g Monounsaturated fat (g) 3.5g 4.1g Polyunsaturated fat (g) 0.4g 0.5g Dietary Fiber (g) 1.3g 1.5g Total Sodium (mg) 217mg 256mg


Tomatoes* (15%) Black olives* (7.7%) Extra-virgin olive oil* Capers* (13%) Garlic* Black pepper* *Organic


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