Organic Local Free Range Eggs - Tray Of 30 Eggs


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Free-Range: Free-range is a practice that refers to the raising of chickens in a closed space of about two square feet for each poultry animal. Such chickens are given a grainy diet to sustain their growth which affects the quality of the egg.

Pasture-Raised: On the contrary, if you’re opting for pasture-raised chickens, you do not need an extra supply of food for your poultry. Instead, chickens can roam in a big pasture to find food.

Hence, in comes the question; how are pasture-raised chicken better than free-range.

The pasture-raised chickens lay eggs that have:

  • Twice as much Omega-3 than a regular egg
  • Three times more Vitamin D
  • Four times more Vitamin E
  • A staggering seven times more beta-carotene

Our Mission of is to provide quality Egg that is: 

  • Pasture Raised
  • Grass Fed
  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • Farm Fresh Local
  • 100% Organic

Our 100% pasture-raised chickens ensure that the eggs are rich in proteins and minerals.

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