OUMPH Vegan Kebab Spice Chunks, 280g

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Kebab Spiced Oumph! For the most delicious Kebab spiced Oumph!, fry in oil for 5-6 minutes if frozen or 3-4 minutes if thawed.

Serve with what you like best! We like our Oumph! with fresh vegetables, seasoning and sauces. Or try it in a casserole, adding it last, for the perfect amount of bite.


  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Vegan


What is Oumph?

• Simply put, Oumph! is a wonderful new plant-based food made from Soya protein, extracted from Non-GMO, sustainably sourced Soya Beans.

• With it’s completely unique structure and texture, Oumph! unlike anything else from the plant kingdom.

• Oumph! does not want to be known as a meat alternative. It is, however, relevant that Oumph! is very much “like” meat, both when it comes to how it feels in your mouth and tummy and how it’s prepared.

• Kibsons stock several varieties of Oumph!, seasoned and unseasoned, for you to use in an endless choice of dishes. So, whether you want to sauté, boil, grill, deep-fry or heat it over open fire, you’ll find the perfect match. Check out https://oumph.uk/ for some further inspiration.

Why Try Oumph?

• Amazing texture and taste

• Quick and Easy to Cook

• Oumph! is rich in protein and fibre and a good source of iron and folic acid. At the same time, it’s low in calories and nearly fat-free. From a nutritional standpoint, soy is almost unbeatable, containing a lot of protein, fibre, iron-folic acid and other vitamins and minerals.

• Made from Non-GMO and sustainably sourced Soya beans. The soya used to make Oumph! is grown in Europe, in the Danube region to be precise. Oumph! does not source any soya from South America, in order to ensure that they don’t contribute to the deforestation of our rain forests.

• Oumph! is made from clean, simple ingredients. Pure Oumph! chunks are unseasoned and contain nothing but soy protein concentrate, water and salt. Flavoured Oumph! contains some spices and, where necessary, other approved organic additives such as citric acid, dextrose, starch xanthan gum and yeast extract. Oumph! doesn’t have any artificial flavour enhancers and absolutely no MSG!

• Oumph!, and plant-based foods in general, are good for the environment as they are resource-efficient and have a low climate impact. The climate impact of Oumph! is impeccably low and something they’re incredibly proud of. Oumph! was ultimately developed because it cares about the bigger picture and understands the need for a food production process that respects animals, humans and the environment. Modern consumers are driven by an ambition to decrease our climate impact drastically while increasing the health of as many people as possible. One major way to minimize our climatic impact is for everyone on earth to eat more greens and plant-based products. Oumph! believes that everyone wants to and can participate in this shift……… as long as the shift tastes amazing!

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