POPCHIPS Ridges Tangy BBQ Chips, 142g

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SWEET & SMOKY WITH A TOUCH OF SPICE. these chips aren’t right off the grill, but they taste like they are! popchips Ridges tangy BBQ give you the irresistible taste of true BBQ, no moist towelette required. Contains 4, 5oz bags.
HERE'S THE SKINNY ON POPCHIPS POTATO CHIPS: A single chip is never enough to satisfy your natural craving for a crunchy snack. So do the sensible thing: stock up with a multi-pack or variety pack of popchips so you're ready to serve crowd sized portions.
NEVER FRIED. Popped potato chips, popped sweet potato chips, popped corn chips - you crave, it we pop it! Never fried, not baked & always real our popped potato chips have all the flavor & only half the fat of leading fried potato chip brands. Popchips are gluten free!
CRUNCHY AND FLAVORFUL. Keeping life flavorful one chip at a time! We take potatoes, add heat & pressure then pop! You get chips that are deeply satisfying not deep fried. Crunchy and flavorful, popchips are simply potatoes, popped. Zero trans or saturated fats non-GMO certified.
FEEL THE LOVE IN EVERY BITE. With tangy BBQ popchips Ridges, you get fewer calories & more chips per serving than other fried or baked chips. Non-GMO. Gluten free. Vegan. Nothing artificial. No cholesterol. Kosher. No trans or saturated fat

  • non-GMO
  • Organic



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