SONETT Liquid Gall Soap, 300ml, Vegan

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A well tried liquid agent effective against stains caused by grease, fruit, grass, ballpoint pens, blood etc. Please test the colourfastness of coloured textiles beforehand on a hidden area of the item.
  • With organic vegetable oil soap
  • Essential oil of petit grain from organic cultivation
  • Effective against fruit, blood, grass, ink or grease stains etc.
  • 100% biodegradable



For local treatment of stains: Apply undiluted liquid gall soap to the stain and allow to take effect for 10 - 15 minutes. Wash out thoroughly or place the garment directly into the washing machine.
As a wash intensifier: for washing at 30° - 60°C, add 20 - 30 ml to the main wash cycle of the 4.5 kg washing machine.


Soap from olive oil* and rape seed oil*, sugar surfactants, bovine gall, orange-peel oil, natural essential oil (Petit Grain), balsamic additives*, swirled water
* = certified organically grown, collection from wild growing plants

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