THRRIV Keto Creamy Garlic Chicken Pizza, 453g

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If you love garlic and you’re looking for a delicious keto pizza, Thrriv's pizza is for you! This creamy garlic chicken pizza is easy to make, so it’s a quick dinner option that everyone can enjoy.

Mozzarella shredded , Almond flour , Whipping cream,Egg , Olive Oil, Garlic Paste, Unsalted Butter,Onion, Whipping Cream, Xatham Gum,Himalayan Salt, Cheddar Cheese, Chicken,  Roasted Garlic, natural sheep casing.

Lactose, Milk, Dairy , Nuts, Tree Nuts

Nutritions per 100g:
Calories 279 | Fats 20.81g | Net Carbs 0.0g | Protein 21.30g

Storage: 12 month frozen

1 Pizza = 9inches (450g approx)

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