AAMRAI Organic Alphonso Mangoes - Elite, Box of 15Pcs


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Delectable taste, thick pulp, and flavoursome aroma take you back to the nostalgic world of happiness.

The AAMRAI Organic Alphonso Mangoes Exotic has a weight range of 120g-150g per fruit. Air Shipments every week from India ✈️ of Organic & Fresh Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri 😋😋

AAMRAI Premium mangoes are nurtured with love in our farms in South Ratnagiri and Devgad and are administered with only organic treatments for nutrient, pest and disease control in farms.

No synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or fungicides are used. 

Handpicked with utmost care and naturally ripened in rice hay, these authentic Organic Alphonso Mangoes are completely untouched by chemicals and middlemen.

These Alphonso mangoes are Organic certified by
- NPOP (EU), NOP (USDA) and JAS (Japan). 

The mangoes are in a ready-to-eat condition, but please note that their quality declines over time as its organic. Please report any issues within 24 hours of delivery, as complaints will not be valid thereafter.

Organic Alphonso Mangoes  

Why Aamrai:

  • 100 % Quality guarantee for every mango: These are ripened naturally in layers of penda (rice hay) in the old tradition completely untouched by chemicals and middlemen. Since they’re naturally ripened, our organic mangoes need to be picked at the perfect time to ensure optimum sugar formation and maturity.
  • Internationally Certified Organic Mangoes: Over the last six years Aamrai has built a reputation as one of the finest brands of 100% organic mangoes in India. Aamrai Organic Mangoes are certified by NPOP (EU), NOP (USDA) and JAS (Japan). Our farms have been certified since 2005.
  • Premium export quality packaging: The best Alphonso mangoes are packed in our customized, export quality, 6 ply top bottom boxes. They are enclosed in sleeves to prevent bruising or damage during transportation and adequate ventilation is provided in both primary and secondary packaging. 
  • Authentic Ratnagiri Mangoes: A rare blend of traditional farming experience of more than three generations and modern technology paired with the unique geography of Ratnagiri, have enabled us to grow 100% organic mangoes and take them to customer’s plates across the globe.
  • Hand-picked, uniform quality and size in one box: A rigorous 3 stage sorting by size, shape and visual defects is done to exclude any fruits with spots, damages and skin flaws. Our mangolatiers have years of experience and a trained eye for picking mangoes at just the right time.

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