BADEEL Plant – Based Nuggets, 280g, Vegan, Gluten free

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BADEEL Plant – Based Nuggets, 280g

Amazingly healthy and tasty nuggets, made with plant-based ingredients. Suitable for vegans. It's absolutely gluten-free and soy free. Eat Guilt Free now with Plant based  nuggets Formed covered with gluten free crumbs, and produced from plant based raw

  • Vegan
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free

Water, Rice Protein, Pea Protein, coating with (Rice Flour, Maize Starch, Salt, Paprika, Pepper, Onion), Non-Hydrogenated Corn oil, potato Starch (Thickening Agent), Methyl Cellulose (Stabilizer), Sugarcane Fiber, Salt, Yeast Extract, Spices (Onion, Black Pepper, Cardamom, White Pepper).

Storage Conditions & Shelf life
- Keep Frozen @ -18 ⁰C
- Shelf life: 6 months from production date
- Do not refreeze after defrosting

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