EATIQ ORGANIC FOODS Green Tea Berries, 50g

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With an effervescent mix of raspberry and strawberry flavours, you are in for an intense berry ride. Not only aromatic and fragrant, but the eatiQ Green Tea Berries is rich in antioxidants that will elevate your metabolism. With every drop of this green tea, you will unlock your way towards a more active and healthy lifestyle. So, welcome your journey to a healthier precinct with this berrylicious green tea hamper. It is not only your companion for better wellbeing but also an excellent component of your breakfast routine. What’s more, your digestive system is in better shape and functioning with it. This tea is best suited for those keeping an active watch on their weight.


  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Healthy and hearty all the way
  • Enhanced brain health
  • Weight management
Ingredients: Organic Green Tea, Natural Raspberry Flavor, Natural Strawberry Flavor.

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