EATIQ ORGANIC FOODS Green Tea Lemon, 50g

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A health potion of sorts, Green Tea is the healer of today. The eatiQ Lemon Green tea is both citrusy and flavoursome, with an aroma that hosts a range of health benefits. It is the tonic for a better lifestyle, helping in weight management, keeping you hydrated and providing an energy boost. It is an excellent way of solidifying your immune system. Lemon Green tea, along with honey, is an ideal detoxifier. A warm cup is best after a long, tiring grind at your workplace. The natural ingredients wipe away your worries and make you feel like a cool, fresh breeze. It is a companion for a healthier lifestyle.


  • Your antioxidant supply is sorted
  • Excellent for those battling diabetes
  • Healthy and hearty all through the way
  • Boosts your immunity and energy levels
  • Your stresses are now busted
Ingredients: Organic Green tea and Natural Lemon Flavor.

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