EATOPIA Mulberry Honey Jam, 240g

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Juicy mulberries meet the sweetness of wild honey to curate an irresistible refined sugar-free jam. This healthy jam made only with natural ingredients ditches refined sugar for pure fruit sweetness & honey.

EATOPIA adheres to strict quality standards and all honey jams are made from the freshest all-natural ingredients available WITHOUT the use of refined sugar, corn syrup, artificial preservatives, or artificial sweeteners. NO ADDED colours or flavors. In short, no evil ingredients at all.

If conventional jam comes knocking, let them know you’re with EATOPIA now. We believe that life should be sweet but without any refined added sugar.

Packed with the wholesome goodness of mulberries, this bread jam is gluten free and is perfect for weight watchers and fitness enthusiasts.

Spread this Mulberry Honey Jam over bread or chapati, stir some in your overnight

Ingredients: Mulberry (70%), Multifloral Honey (Forest Flowers), Fruit Pectin, Concentrated Lemon Juice Powder.

Nutritional Information:
Energy279kcal, Protein 0.9g, Total carbohydrates 68.9g, Total sugar 61.4g, added sugar 2g, Total Fat 0g, Saturated fat 0g, Transfat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 30g, Fibre 2.9g, Vitamin B6 0.9 mg

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