GEORGIA'S NATURAL Organic Blackberry Juice, 300ml


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Delight Your Senses: Treat yourself with a fresh glass of the Georgia’s Natural blackberry juice and experience a wild explosion of aromas that will make you ask for more! Intense, fresh, and invigorating, this juice is pampering your taste buds and all senses like no other.

Pure and Natural: Our fruit juice is made entirely of natural and fresh blackberries, carefully picked and processed to extract the benefits and ensure the integrity of the flavor and taste.

The juice is 100% natural, organic, Halal and Kosher but also free of sugar, gluten, artificial coloring and flavors, GMOs and other harmful ingredients.
The Nutrients You Need: This natural, cold-pressed juice is full of essential nutrients such as vitamins C, K, E as well as fibers and antioxidants that can help contribute to a sharp mind, healthy brain and strong body condition.

This juice has a pleasant sweetness with bold notes that will give you the right start and a boost of energy every day.

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