LIFEWTR Non Carbonated Water Bottle - Low Sodium, Electrolytes, 500ml - Pack Of 6

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Art is a universal language. LIFEWTR’s Art Beyond Borders series will showcase artists whose work is influenced not only by their own but also by other cultures.

All of the artists in this LIFEWTR series share an ability to transcend borders through their work and in their lives. When an artist works between and across cultures, they bring something of themselves and their experience, and they absorb some of the new – they embrace the intersections.

Each of these LIFEWTR artists is engaged in dialogue beyond borders.

  • Introducing a new canvas for artists. LIFEWTR features limited-run label motifs.
  • Thirst for more with a unique 500ml bottle
  • pH balanced purified water with electrolytes added for taste.
  • Refresh your mind, restore your body with premium hydration
  • Hydrate for inspiration because art and water have that power

  • Ingredients: 



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