LONDON SUPER FOODS Organic & Gluten Free Baby Quinoa, 5Kg


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Canihua is a close relative of quinoa, the famous superfood grain high in protein and completely gluten free. However, canihua is richer than quinoa in protein, iron, fibre, vitamin B and a lot of antioxidants. History claims that it was served only to the Inca Emperor & his court. Canihua is now globally recognized as a superfood with balanced nutritional advantages and packed with all nine essential amino acids.

London Superfoods shies away from conventional, on a mission instead to supply the world with premium healthy foods, superfoods and rare, exotic and unique items. Fully organic and gluten free certified, London Superfoods constantly looks to expand their range of quality, wholesome foods such as quinoa, chia, Amaranth and maca.

Canihua is best when grinded into flour and used as an alternative to wheat. It can also be added as is to a flavored smoothie or oatmeal.

  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Gluten Free


Baby Quinoa

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