Natural Soybean Tempeh, 300g, Vegan

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Tempeh is a firm, savory fermented soybean product that has been used as a high-protein substitute for meat for centuries. Tempeh is a highly nutritious soy-based food that originated in Indonesia over 2,000 years ago. Pure soybean tempeh has a distinct, nutty flavor and firm texture. 

The demand for Tempeh has grown dramatically as more have chosen to lead a vegan lifestyle. Tempeh is an excellent meat alternative and high in protein. 

This product is locally produced in UAE and is available on order and hence you can be sure that you are getting freshly made Tempeh when you place an order with Organic & Real. 

Ingredients: Soybean, Tempeh Starch, Purified Water

Country of Origin: UAE

Please Note: The Product takes 3 days to be produced and it's only sold fresh. 

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