NAVITAS ORGANICS Mulberry Berries, 227g

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Deliciously sweet, satisfyingly chewy and nutrient-dense, Navitas Organics Mulberries are a fantastic and versatile superfood to incorporate into your everyday routine. Lower in sugar and higher in essential minerals than raisins, our Mulberries are unsulfured, gently dried, and can be used in place of or combined with any dried fruit! Enjoy them straight from the bag as a healthy snack or add them to trail mix, oatmeal, yogurt, baked goods and more..

  • Nutritious dried fruit (essential minerals) 
  • Deliciously sweet & chewy 
  • Unsulfured & gently dried
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan

Sought out by ancient civilizations around the world, Mulberries have long been revered for their sweet taste and rich nutritional profile. Lower in sugar and higher in fiber and essential minerals than raisins, our organic dried Mulberries are an easy superfood swap in any recipe where you traditionally enjoy dried berries or other fruits.

Navitas Organics Mulberries are organically grown on the ancient fertile plains of Turkey, where they have been sustainably harvested for thousands of years. The fresh, organic mulberries are then gently dried to preserve their super nutrients. They contain no added sugar, preservatives, sulfites, or other additives. Navitas Organics Mulberries are craveable bites to enjoy straight from the bag and serve as the perfect addition to oatmeal, yoghurt, smoothie bowls, trail mix, sweetbreads, muffins, cookies, and more! Upgrade your water, juice or tea by adding our dried white mulberries to the liquid and letting them steep for 15 minutes until they’re fully saturated. The plumped up berries will provide a lovely textural addition and a bonus boost of plant-based nutrition! They’re the perfect ingredient to incorporate into your favourite smoothies and other recipes.


Certified organic mulberries (Morus alba)

Storage Information:

Refrigeration not required. Store in a cool, dark, dry place. 

Serving Suggestion: 1 serving per day

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