ORGANIC LARDER Organic Coconut Syrup, 500g - Organic, Vegan

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Organic Larder Coconut Syrup is low glycemic index natural sweetener. Product of the Philippines.

This organically produced vinegar is best for any of your favorite vegan dishes that needs a kick of sour taste and pungent aroma.

  •  Offers a fine balance of taste and nutrition
  •  Promotes healthy metabolism function
  • Vegan
  • Organic


Organic Coconut Sap

Nutrition facts:

Energy 15kcal (per serving 4g/1tsp) Nutritional value per 100g: Total Fat 0g Sodium 0mg Total Carbs 0g Cholesterol fiber 0g sugar 4g Protein 0g Calcium 0mg Iron 0mg Magnesium 1mg Potassium 25mg.


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