ORGANIC LARDER Semi Skimmed Milk, 1.5% Fat, 1l

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Our Organic Farming Methods Benefit The Natural Habitat On The Farms And Help Support The Wildlife. Our Organic Semi Skimmed Milk Is Less Than 2% Fat So It’S A Great Way Of Giving Your Family A Healthy, Well Balanced Diet.

The Organic Larder Semi Skimmed Milk delivers fresh from the farm taste. You can also use this milk for making for milkshakes, smoothies, chocolate milk, and more.


organic semi skimmed raw cow milk, fat less than 2%, non-fat solid 8.5%, pasteurized

Nutrition Facts
value per 100ml
energy 42kcal/251kj
protein 3.37g
sodium 44mg
lactose 4.99g
minerals 0.75g
sodium 44mg
cholesterol 5g
fatty acid saturated 0.600g