SKINNY GENIE Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza, 450g

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SKINNY GENIE Gluten Free Pepperoni Pizza. Skinny genie is an honest forward thinking health conscious lifestyle brand. They stand first and foremost for great tasting food that also happens to be healthy and gluten free. They produce 100% of the product they sell ensuring the quality and traceability of all ingredients used.

  • Gluten Free
  • GMO Free



Pizza base (potato starch maize starch rice flour enzymes (guar gum) soya sunflower yeast sugar olive oil salt water) tomato sauce (tomato onion garlic celery extra virgin olive oil rosemary thyme salt black pepper) mozzarella cheese pepperoni cherry tomato.

Serving size: 100g

Fat: 17.1g

Net carbs: 17.7g

Protein: 11.12g
269 kcal (per quarter pizza)

Diameter – 27cm



Shelf Life

1 Year.

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