THE SMARA Fruity Hibiscus Rosehip Tea Bag - 2.5g x 100

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THE SMARA Fruity Hibiscus Rosehip Tea Bag is an organic tea blend that combines the benefits of hibiscus and rosehip with a fruity and floral taste. Hand-picked from Sri Lanka, this artisanal tea is packed in luxurious silky pyramid tea bags to ensure maximum flavor and aroma. It's a perfect choice for those who seek a healthy and refreshing tea that can help boost their immunity and fight oxidative stress.

This natural antioxidant tea is a great source of vitamin C and other essential nutrients that can help improve skin health, boost digestion, and reduce inflammation. With its smooth flavor and aroma, this tea can transport you to the tea farms in the valley and provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Enjoy a cup of THE SMARA Fruity Hibiscus Rosehip Tea Bag anytime you want to refresh your mind and body.

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