THE SMARA Green Tea Bag - 2.5g x 100

THE SMARASKU: 4792021044489

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THE SMARA Green Tea Bag is a premium quality tea made from artisanal, hand-picked organic green tea leaves from Sri Lanka. This tea is delicately infused with wisps of sweet, subtle jasmine, creating a delicate and aromatic flavor. Each tea bag contains 2.5g of the highest quality tea, wrapped in luxurious silky pyramid tea bags.

This exceptional tea has been produced using sustainable and ethical farming practices, ensuring that it is not only delicious but also environmentally conscious. With its delicate and fragrant taste, this tea is perfect for relaxation or for pairing with light, fresh foods. With 100 tea bags in each box, THE SMARA Green Tea Bag is perfect for sharing with family and friends or for enjoying a cup of premium tea whenever you need a moment of indulgence and tranquility.

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