THE SMARA Green Tea Loose Leaf, 500g

THE SMARASKU: 4792021044427

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The SMARA Green Tea Loose Leaf in a 500g package is a premium quality artisanal tea hand-picked from the lush green tea gardens of Sri Lanka. This delicate and aromatic green tea is carefully blended with wisps of sweet and subtle jasmine to give it a unique and refreshing flavor. With every sip, you can feel the freshness of the tea and the exotic aroma of jasmine, taking you on a journey to the tea farms in the valley.

The SMARA Green Tea Loose Leaf comes in a large 500g package, perfect for tea enthusiasts who want to enjoy their tea for an extended period. This premium quality tea is rich in antioxidants and has numerous health benefits, making it an excellent choice for a healthy lifestyle. The silky smooth texture and unique flavor of this green tea make it an ideal beverage to start your day or relax in the evening.

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