TURMERAS - Turmeric Gummies Lime

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Product benefits: Increases Immunity


RELIEF FROM COUGH, COLD & SORE THROAT: These Turmeric Gummy naturally relieve respiratory complications like cough and cold. Its anti-bacterial, ant-viral & anti-allergic action gives relief from associated symptoms like cough and cold.

Delicious, Natural & Non-Drowsey: Turmeric is a range of great tasting food supplements founded on the unique qualities of natural ingredients.

Whole Body Health: Support for your energy, health, and well-being.

SUPPORT IN: Family wellness, Sharpens Immunity ,Relives Cough, Relives Cold , Relives from Sore Throat , Helps Oral Hygeine , Helps Manage Pain


Take advantage of our uniquely formulated Turmeras Gummy for instant fresh breath & confidence. Turmeric Gummy comes in three different flavors, and all three contain curcumin, a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal agent. But for throat relief and good breath, Mentholyptus Gummy will be the obvious pick. Orange because it is simply yummy, and Tulsi because of its trusted healing properties that have been passed on for generations.


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