VELOFORTE Amaro Energy Chews, 50g

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· Made with mouth-watering sour cherry and contains an added 75mg of natural caffeine (from Guarana) too - helping to boost awareness and fight fatigue, whilst providing you body with natural electrolytes.

· 100% natural... Gluten-free, gelatin-free, Vegan and free from any artificial gumming agents, preservatives or wax coatings.

· Each pack contains 42g carbohydrate - providing the optimal dual source energy from glucose & fructose – a trusted combination proven to extend endurance performance.

· Natural electrolytes - Sodium & Potassium from the finest natural sources: pink Himalayan salt & dried coconut water.

· Super light & super powerful, each 50g Cubo pack contains 6 small & mighty soft chews that deliver twice the carbohydrates as a standard gel & are as energy rich as a whole Veloforte bar but with a third less calories.


Beet sugar, corn starch, sour cherry concentrate (9%), water, guarana powder* (4%), lemon juice concentrate, coconut water powder, pink Himalayan salt

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