The current pandemic has been influencing trends towards sustainable lifestyles and conscious consumption. Several researches show that many individuals have appreciated the value of nutrition and its connection to one’s overall health.

But as we now look forward to a post-Covid set-up, a return to ‘business as usual’ and environmentally destructive lifestyle patterns loom over our society. For this to be avoided, we must have the conscious effort to remain mindful of how we transition back to our conventional way of living.

Organic & Real lists down three steps we can all practice to ensure sustainable living and conscious eating in the post-Covid context.

1. Have a Sustainable Living Checklist

  • We’ve all heard the term “sustainable living,” but do you really know what it actually means?

    Sustainable living is a lifestyle that is centered on reducing our impact on the earth’s natural resources or reducing our carbon footprint. This does not only benefit our own health, but it can also have a long-lasting impact on local communities.

    Having a Sustainable Living Checklist allows you to keep track of your decisions that help lessen our waste and minimize greenhouse gas emission.

  • What should be on your checklist?

    It is true what they say that every little step makes a big difference. In fact, your everyday decisions can go a long way. This may include:

    • Your decision to bring your own reusable mug for coffee or water. Less single-use plastic bottles, lesser wastes ending up in our oceans. Having said that, it also goes without saying for you to start using reusable containers and bags and minimizing or completely stop using plastic straws.
    • Carefully selecting the personal care and hygiene products that you use. For example, you can choose to wear reusable masks instead of continuously buying disposable ones. Select beauty and skin care products which are organically made.
    • Recycling and Upcycling. Recycle plastic containers for storage of seeds, pulses and lentils. Always choose glass containers over plastics.
    • Compost old food. Food waste is one of the most common problems of communities these days. Prepare your own meals and select organic products.
    • Conserve water and electricity. Turn the lights off when not needed and only run the dishwasher of laundry when it’s full.

2. Make conscious eating a habit

  • What is conscious eating?

    Conscious eating is a concept that goes beyond the individual. It is designed to help you strike a balance between meeting your nutritional needs while protecting the environment. In simple terms, it is how you reflect on where your food came from and how it helps nourish your body.

  • How can you practice conscious eating?

    • Start with your grocery list. Purchase more products which are organic & natural. Prioritize plant-based products, lessen meat and choose fresh produce grown locally.
    • Select meals with sustainable ingredients. Some of the most sustainable food are vegan items like: beans, broccoli, sardines, pears, potatoes and garden peas.
    • Eat seasonally to help reduce “food mileage.” Base your diet on what foods are in season as seasonal produce have more nutrients and tastes better.

 3.Become a promoter of sustainable living through stories

With all of us being connected to one another virtually more than ever, it is high time that you use your own platform to transform how others view sustainable living. Sharing your own personal story on how you choose organic & natural products and choose to live a more sustainable lifestyle could influence others to normalize this type of living.

  • Why share stories?

    Stories have the power to raise awareness, to educate and slowly affect how others behave. It allows us to have a space for healthy discussion and potentially change any social norm.

  • What type of stories should I share?

    • Share a story of a vegan meal you think everyone must try. #Veganmeals
    • Share the story of how you envision sustainable living in the post-Covid context.
    • Share a tip on how you think we can all contribute to sustainable living and conscious eating.

If you haven’t started working on these three steps, then today is the best time to begin. The way we can move forward to a more sustainable lifestyle post-Covid is to start appreciating the contributions of these little actions today.

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