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Vegan Burgers are burgers that does not contain meat. As Vegan or Plant-Based lifestyle gain momentum, more people are now looking for alternatives to their favorite beef or chicken burger which are vegetarian or plant-based. Vegan Burgers from popular brands brings out almost similar taste profile of the original beef or chicken burgers, while ensuring that the entire ingredients are from plant source. The most popular vegan burger is from "Beyond Meat" and they have succeeded in providing almost similar nutritional content of an original beef burger in their plant based Beyond Burger, while keeping the look, the taste, and even the texture to be as close to the original beef burger. Surprising, the Beyond Burger even bleeds just like an original beef burger, while the ingredient used to mimic this is in fact beetroot juice. Other prominent players in the Vegan Burger segment are Quorn, Field Roast, Moving Mountains, etc.